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Cloud Infrastructure


NubiGate RDS

Nubigate's Windows cloud infrastructure simplifies the process of onboarding new hires and facilitates rapid business expansion. It allows companies to maintain a consistent environment for all employees performing the same job function, ensuring seamless collaboration and productivity. As part of our service, we take full responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of this infrastructure, ensuring its reliability and performance, so businesses can focus on their core operations.


NuBigate 3D RDS

NubiGate's 3D accelerated cloud infrastructure is a game-changer for power users, enabling them to run 3D-intensive applications over the cloud. This technology is particularly beneficial for architects and engineers, as it provides immediate access to their CAD data directly from remote job sites. This means they can make real-time decisions and adjustments, enhancing their efficiency and responsiveness. Even more impressively, this powerful 3D acceleration can be accessed on portable devices like iPads, bringing high-end computing power directly into the hands of professionals, wherever they are.


NubiGate AI Ready Systems

NubiGate offers AI-ready infrastructure that's primed for engineers working with Machine Learning. Our infrastructure is equipped with CUDA, a parallel computing platform and application programming interface model created by Nvidia. This allows for dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU) for ML acceleration. Whether you're training complex models or running large scale simulations, NubiGate's infrastructure provides the power and speed you need for your AI projects.

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